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We answer the most frequently asked questions about healthy vending.

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How does Grow compare to other Healthy Vending and Vending opportunities?

Grow offers you the best of both worlds. We have capitalized on one the fastest growing industries in the country, Healthy Vending- combining it with the multi-billion dollar a year traditional vending industry. Federal legislation and Corporate Wellness programs are specifically requiring healthier vending options. Grow Vending is here to fill that void! Healthier Vending has increased over 300% just in the past few years. How do we know? We pioneered it! Exclusive and patented equipment ensures you stay a step ahead of the competition.

What is included in the cost of each machine?

ALMOST EVERYTHING! As factory distributors Grow Healthy Vending offers the highest possible quality of equipment at the lowest possible cost. Included in the cost of each machine is the machine, graphics, training and marketing material needed to create a successful business. All you have to do is decide what piece of equipment is the best fit for each secured location, choose one of the two Grow graphics styles and finally the credit/debit card processor-remote monitoring hardware that you prefer. We challenge anyone to compare our equipment apples to apples with any other vending equipment on the planet.

How do I get locations for my business?

As the leader in the healthy vending revolution we have perfected the locations process.

Grow Healthy Vending is the only company to secure high quality, high volume locations PRIOR to operators making an investment in equipment. This allows operators the benefit of keeping their money in the bank during this important process. We are so confident in the ability of our in Grow In House Locations Department to secure you great locations that we offer an industry leading 90 day money back guarantee!

How do I know what products to put in my machines?

Because of our vast experience in vending we know what types of products work best in each type of location. We have a dedicated Product Specialist on staff that works with you in developing "Menu Plans" for each of your machines. We take into consideration the best selling products, any nutritional requirements as well as product profit margins.

How will I be trained?

The Grow Certified Operator Training Program is the most comprehensive vending training program in the country. Our goal is to make each Operator an expert in vending. Held in our corporate offices in sunny Orange County, CA., our training course will teach you everything you need to know about machine operation, machine maintenance, product development and sourcing, on-site marketing, location procurement and the exclusive GrowLogic Software.

What are my responsibilities as a Grow Operator?

We take Quality of Service very serious at Grow. Customer service is the key to keeping great locations over a long period of time. Your responsibilities are to service, maintain and stock your machines on a regular basis. Oh... and we almost forgot the most important thing- to COLLECT money!

What is the average profit margin in the products?

Our goal is to teach operators how and where to purchase product and the absolute lowest possible cost. We do not believe that healthy vending operators should be required to purchase product from their machine provider. We have set up valuable relationships with national healthy food distributors which allows our operators to purchase product directly from them and enjoy volume discounts across the board. In addition operators can purchase product online or at local warehouses. Typical markups on product can range anywhere between 100% and 300% above wholesale cost!

How does the GrowLogic Software help my business?

GrowLogic is the most technically advanced software available today. This is a proprietary software system with key features including an automated menu generator, GPS integrated route mapping, SKU level tracking and reporting, account services, forecasting. Powerful algorithms utilize past sales data and product profit margins to tell you exactly what products to offer in each machine location.

What makes Grow Healthy Vending Machines so special?

At Grow we do not believe in a "one size fits all" mentality. Each location is different based on its size and needs. As a licensed distributor of their factory, Grow Healthy Vending offers a full line of vending equipment created to meet to the needs of each secured location.

Are there locations available in my area?

Absolutely! There are literally hundreds of thousands of locations across the country that fit the criteria for a Grow machine. The patented Grow system was designed specifically for this untapped market. The best part is we do all of the hard work! Location placement is always FREE and included in the cost of each machine.

Do I have to pay any additional fees?

NO! We believe that Franchise Fee's, Royalty Fees, Training Fees and On-going Licensing Fees are not necessary. Fee's such as these put Operators to far "in the hole" to begin with, creating a longer Return On Investment.

Are there any additional initial costs to consider?

The only additional costs you will need to consider are your initial product inventory (approximately $200 per machine) along with a basic General Liability Insurance Policy, a computer and some basic equipment.

What kind of vehicle will I need for my business?

This partly depends on how many machines you start with. Most Grow Operators utilize their own small van or truck to begin with. As you scale your business by adding machines you can grow into larger vehicles such as the Isuzu Reach Step Van which can service hundreds of machines a week!

Is there a warranty on the machines?

The GrowShield Machine Warranty is one of the strongest in the industry. We designed this warranty to be as fair and full featured as possible and have purposely eliminated the most restrictive aspects that other manufacturers use. Our good name is important to us. Our customers are our best reference.

Are there tax advantages to starting a Grow vending business?

Yes! Per section of 179 of the Internal Revenue Code - Taxpayers may take a maximum deduction in 2012 of $125,000. Speak to your tax advisor to be sure you take advantage of the numerous tax deductions and depreciations in starting and operating your new vending business.

Do I have to pay extra for delivery and installation?

No! Other vending companies are known for shipping machines to their customers garages or local storage facilities. At Grow Vending Shipping, Delivery and our White Glove Installation is always included in the cost of every machine!

What kind of support will I receive after becoming a Grow Operator?

As much as you need! The Grow Certified Training Program will prepare you for everything you need to know to run your business however our experienced and dedicated staff are available to assist and support you at anytime after you are up and running. With over 16 years in the vending industry there isn't a question or problem we can't handle.

How can I get started?

Fill out an inquiry form or contact a Grow Business Development Specialist today to receive more information about this exciting opportunity!

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Why Healthy Vending?

Grow Healthy Vending is changing the healthy vending industry by being the first to offer the ability to secure high quality locations prior to the purchase of any equipment.

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